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AMP'D consultants have experience in traditional call center, back office and blended/multimedia contact center environments.  Our knowledge spans the full spectrum of contact center operations from hiring, forecasting, internal quality, and customer experience to technology.

Our fees are generally based on fixed engagement or weekly rates for consulting services; however, a variety of structures can be discussed, including daily or hourly rate structures.  We prefer fixed engagement pricing, as it eliminates surprises and overruns to client budgets; although, for customized engagements, weekly rates may be preferred.

"Quick" Assessment

The AMP'D "Quick" assessment is a time-compressed version of our "Full" assessment.  This assessment is for a fixed time period (one week on-site) and includes either a high-level MS PowerPoint presentation the last day on site or an executive summary report (PDF) delivered via email early the following week.  The presentation/report will include findings, gaps from "best practice" states, high-level recommendations to progress towards "best practice" state, and considerations to both personnel and budget for implementing such recommendations.

"Full" Assessment

The AMP'D "Full" assessment is just what the name implies...a full assessment of the contact center operation.  These assessments are typically a minimum of 2 weeks on-site (depending on number of sites involved and scope of client project requirements) and an additional 1-2 weeks for off-site analysis and report development. 

Sessions during the on-site portion of this engagement typically include, but are not limited to:

Call Observations (first and last day) Recruiting and Hiring
Quality Monitoring
Forecasting/Scheduling (WFM) Team Leader Focus Groups Workflow Review
KPIs and Reporting
Agent Focus Groups
Training (new hire/recurring) Management 1-on-1s Workload Analysis
Center Strategy
Close Out Meeting

Although the session names tend to be very similar for most contact center engagements, the direction and areas of discussion within each session will be unique to your environment because all contact centers are unique. 

This assessment includes an in-depth current state, gap analysis, and recommendation report (PDF) with implementation timelines and personnel/budgetary considerations to be delivered via email and can, if negotiated, include a final site visit to present the report (MS PowerPoint presentation of key report items along with bound and printed copies of the report).

Speaking Engagements

AMP'D consultants speak at a number of contact center industry events and are available for speaking engagements at industry or private events on a wide variety of contact center topics. 

Executive Replacement

When a contact center has a vacancy in an important position, because of the dynamic changing contact center environment, the organization sometimes needs to quickly fill that role so no loss of performance occurs.  AMP'D has experience in filling those roles as temporary Executive Replacements (typically Director/VP level), ensuring that the business continues and likely improves (due to our expert guidance) while a permanent replacement is found.  Our consultant can also direct or be a team member in the interviewing and screening of potential replacement candidates.

Expert Witness/Expert Testimony

If you find yourself in the position of needing an expert to testify in court or pre-trial proceedings, AMP'D Consulting has experience as an expert witness for the U.S. Federal Government (including Federal Rule 26(a)(2) disclosures).

Custom Engagements

Do you have a specific or special request, or a need that doesn't quite fit any of the listed services?  Contact us to discuss custom engagements.
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