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AMP’D Consulting Group LLC specializes in consulting in the call center/contact center space.  We can examine and accomplish deep dive analyses into all aspects of call center operations from people, process, and technology to end results.  Because contact centers vary in size, goal and budget, we offer a variety of levels of consulting engagement from a full “no stone left unturned” assessment to a high level “low hanging fruit” type of assessment.
We operate with a lean internal infrastructure (blend of on-staff and contract consultants, no sales or marketing staff, etc.).  This means that AMP’D Consulting Group delivers the same quality engagements, including performance improvement recommendations and roadmaps, at a fraction of the prices of larger firms.  This is great for clients of all sizes; however, it is especially attractive to the small to mid-sized operations that otherwise may not have budget for on-site assessments or consulting engagements.

We also make it easy for other consultancies to work with us.  So, if a department within your company already has a relationship with another consulting firm, but you wish to extend the view of their work into the contact center, we are willing to partner or subcontract with that consultancy.  This means that you can receive the contact center focused expertise that is missing from many general business consultant engagements while often still working within your existing Master Service Agreement, saving time and headache.

Consulting and Operations

Our consulting resources, led by Brent Haferkamp, consist of ICMI/WFMSG Certified Professionals. 

Although our engagements break down to much more detail, the main focal points are:
People AMP’D understands that people are often both the biggest asset (employees and customers) and biggest cost (employees) for contact center operations.  While understanding this, we also realize that contact center employees, more than employees of other departments, are the “face of the business” to your company’s customer.  We interview and/or collect information from C-level executives, Sr. Management, Managers, Supervisors, Trainers, QA Team, WFM Team, Agents, and Customers.
Process Great people and great technology can still perform to a substandard level if processes are not well thought out and not built around those specific people and technologies.  We look at agent call-flow processes, as well as, support processes, including: HR, Training, QA, WFM, Coaching, Call Routing/IT, and Voice of the Customer.
Technology AMP'D views technology as an enabler that allows the proper people and processes to deliver targeted results.
Our consultants look at results (service level performance, forecasting/scheduling performance [WFM], internal quality assurance [QA], employee satisfaction [ESAT], customer satisfaction [CSAT] and financial [cost per transaction, etc.]) to see how effectively the client is utilizing their people, processes and technology.
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